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Manufacturer of Scrap Battery Lead Reclaiming Plant

Indotherm Equipment Corporation is One of the Key Exporters of the Lead Recycling Plant from India, We manufacture turnkey plants for recovery of Lead from Used Battery Scrap and Lead Concentrate. We have our own manufacturing and design unit to build scrap Battery Recycling plants.

Lead from Scrap Batteries is recovered in 4 Phases Collection, Separation, Melting, and Refining. Initially, Scrap lead from Lead Acid Batteries is processed in Indotherm Manufactured Rotary Furnaces with time and temperature Lead is Extracted in the Soft and Hard form.

Flue Gas Treatment System:

Smelting of Lead produced lots of Toxic Gases that need to be treated before releasing the same into the environment.

Main Aspects aka types of equipment that are used in Recovering Lead from Scrap to Ingot are as Follows:

Settling Chamber: One end of the Rotary Furnace is permanently connected to the Settling Chamber which basically settles the fumes and heavy particles coming from the furnace.

Cooling Line: Its Further Cools the Gases with the creation of series of bends and further releasing the same to the Bag House System.

Bag House System Further Separates the Particulate matter up to 10 microns and collects the same into the Bags Collection unit.

Processed Flue Gases are further Sucked via ID fan and further released into the chimney.