Lead Battery Breaking & Separation Plant


Lead Battery Breaking & Separation Plant

These are recycled consumer products, which can be used for different purposes. All the components, including in this lead battery can be recycled. In the automatic systems, Lead Ore, Lead Paste, and Polypropylene chips can be used in breaking the batteries. With the impact of the rotating hammers, these batteries can be broke in the different parts to drive the materials.

Main parts of the system

  • Hammer Mill
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Moving Belt Conveyor
  • Grid Screw Conveyor
  • PP Chips Scrapper
  • Intermediate Slurry Tank
  • Filter Press
  • Wet scrubber
  • Acid Neutralization scheme

Operating Principles

First, the water needs to be recycled. After this, the stage of the acid neutralization section comes into life. The purpose is to reuse the water in different phases. Grid, terminals, and polypropylene enable the hydro separation to separate the different plastics from the materials. Lead Ore grid is a kind of source for this plastic in this particular process. Thus, the material can be recycled and processes in an effective and lucrative manner in these systems.


The main advantage of the system or principle is the production of the products. The products, which can be produced through this Lead Battery Breaking & Separation, are the Lead paste, Lead Grids/ Lead Ore, and Polypropylene Chips. These products cannot be used in batteries, as these can be used for different purposes. Thus, this system is beneficial and useful, and this is its biggest advantage