Oil Fired Aluminium Melting Skelner Reverb Furnace

Convert Your Coal Furnace To New Technology Aluminium Melting Skelner Furnace

Product Details:

Material Loading Capacity 500 kGS- 10 Ton


  • High material strength
  • Rust resistant
  • Tough construction
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Aluminium Melting Skelner Reverb Furnace is a chamber type furnace. In early days coal was the only medium to melt the aluminium; the method of melting was difficult and costly than it was modified over the ages. From coal as a main fuel later oil burners were adopted and considering the environment now a day’s gas burners are used to melt the aluminium.

Skelner Reverb Furnace is one fine combination of both Blast furnace and Reverberatory furnace. Indotherm makes Skelner furnace which is widely used to melt secondary aluminium scrap. The capacity starts from 500 kgs -10 Tons per batch.


Indotherm Skelner reverberatory furnace is equipped with High Efficient Gas and Oil Fired burners create suitable temperature to melt the aluminium where the scrap aluminium is processed through the heat radiation produced in the hearth of the furnace ensuring minimum heat loss whereas the heat is recycled through combustion flue gases through heat recuperation system.

Ideal for:

Dirt oil Scrap, Heavy metal Forged aluminium (engine parts), Clean scrap (UBC Bailed cans, extrusion scrap, bailed chips, Turning)


Indotherm Skelner reverberatory furnace is built from 10-25 mm thick plate of steel which is built rectangularly reinforced with suitable size of angle and channel. Inside of the Furnace is shielded with High-Temperature Alumina refractory and Monolithic Refractory Bath.

Fuel Options:

Indotherm makes Oil Fired Aluminium Melting Skelner Reverb Furnace is one of the multipurpose fuel furnaces where the user gets to choose a variety of fuel options such as LDO (Light Diesel Oil), F.O (Furnace Oil), Used Oil, Gases such as LPG, PNG, Natural gas.

Lastly, Indotherm Skelner reverberatory furnace is boon for SMEs with the number of reasons firstly cost is considered in respect for the Asian Market, the furnace has auto ignition and flame detection with safety alarm comes with a digitally equipped control panel.