Oil Fired Aluminum Melting Skelner Furnace -Indotherm Equipment Corporation

The Furnace is for Secondary Aluminium Recycling and Basically of Ingot Production

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Product Details:

Material Loading Capacity 500 Kgs – 5 Ton

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  • What is the capacity required by you :
  • What is your choice and availability of Fuel:
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Indotherm Equipment Corporation manufactures the Aluminium Recycling Plant on Turn Key Basis. We manufacture capacities from 1 ton per batch up to 15 tons per batch. Our Furnaces are tailor and can be customized as per customer preferences.

Our Products suits the needs of small recyclers who want to expand their business for higher production capacities, emerging new entrepreneurs as well as the persons who are looking for expansion of their current plant production.

For Emerging New Entrepreneurs who are looking for New business start-ups

What is Aluminium Recycling? What is the Scope and How can we earn profits?

Now as days aluminium can be seen everywhere from the coke can we drink to the medicines we take from the vehicles we travel and the led we use for light. It’s needed in almost every sector of technology. Its has high properties such as corrosion-resistant, lightweight and durable as there is an abundance of metal, we see everywhere there is an abundance of scrap we get every day of aluminium. So, to decrease the scrap we recycle and overall, 75% of Aluminium of the world is obtained from recycling scrap. And from recycling 1 ton of aluminium, we can get up to 95 % of maximum yield. As far as profits are concerned recyclers can get up to 6 % -10 % of returns from the recycling of secondary aluminium.

What is the Equipment’s that are needed for Recycling of Secondary Aluminium?

  • Indotherm Aluminium Melting Skelner Furnace
  • Indotherm Ingot Casting Conveyor
  • 3 Stage Pollution Control Equipment
  • ID Fan and Chimney

Indotherm Aluminium Melting Skelner Furnace (Dual Fuel Gas/Oil)

Aluminium Melting Skelner Furnaces are modified versions of reverberatory furnace. The Word Skelner comes from Human skull which is in an oval shape from the top and curved at the bottom same goes with the inside refractory of the furnace which is arch type from the top and has curved edges at the bottom. Indotherm Aluminium Melting Skelner furnace is basically used for Secondary aluminium recycling. It has become the first choice for users because it has very low maintenance and easy of doing operations.

MOC -Skelner Furnace

The furnace is rectangular in shape fabricated out of 6-8 mm thick plate of Mild steel, the furnace has two openings One for charging of material and the other for flux treatment and operator window. The furnace is equipped with 02 Sets of Hydraulic Cylinders and one to two sets of modulating oil or air-controlled burners depending on the size of the furnace.

Recovery of Metals What can be processed in the Skelner furnaces. (up to 95% Recovery)

Heavy aluminium conductors, tense aluminium scrap, Dusty and Oil filled forged parts of aluminium

Oil Consumption: Oil (Furnace Oil/ Used Lubricant Oil) 100-105 Litters / Ton ±10%

Gas Consumption: When using PNG up to 75m3/ton ±10%