Aluminum Melting Skelner Furnace


Owing to our rich industry experience, we are manufacturing, supplying and exporting high quality Tilting Furnace. Offered furnaces are used in many areas of foundry. These products are ideal for melting or keeping warm. Our range can be used manually or as part of an automated system. All these furnaces are particularly suitable for melting and casting of light, non-ferrous and heavy metals.

The dual fuel (Gas/ oil) fired Skelner reverberatory furnace is designed for melting and holding of non-ferrous melting and casting of Ingots. These furnace are designed with a refractory bath in which metal gets melted due to heavy heat radiations through Gas or Oil fired burners in operation. A typical Skelner Reverberatory is equipped with Hydraulic cylinders, Automatic Thermal ignition and Metals safety system.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Our company has team of experienced fabricators and engineers to ensure that quality is as per standards

  • Gas Cutting Equipment
  • Roller and Bending Machine
  • Team of Welders and Fitters
  • English Speaking Staff

Frequently Ask Questions

Indotherm manufactured skelner reverberatory furnace works on the law of forced air heating no matter what fuel we are using The furnace shifts temperature to air, through the combustion created via blower and burner, As soon as the combustion chamber maintains the certain temperature the metal is Melted.

There are four main types of burners: natural gas, oil, heavy oil. Electric furnaces can heat the air by exposing heated elements.

Ideal for Dirt oil Scrap, Heavy metal Forged aluminium (engine parts), Clean scrap (UBC Bailed cans, extrusion scrap, bailed chips, Turning) 


Generally we have experience that our furnaces are able to melt 3 tons of Aluminium within 3 hours of continous